Outreach visit | Hillville Aged Care Home

Last Saturday, a group of Sixth Form students volunteered their spare time over the weekend to visit Hillville Aged Care Home in Johor Bahru as part of the College’s Outreach programme. 


Upon arrival, students got straight to work by helping with some of the duties in the home as well as sharing out the snacks and cake they had brought with them. 


Next, Juliette played a beautiful piece of music on the violin, while Avelyn played the piano and the group entertained the elderly residents with bingo and Chinese songs, with some of the crowd even joining in. But the students gave more than just their time, they also provided care, energy and sensitivity to the folks they visited as they chatted to them about their interests.

Mr Jon Clements, Head of Sixth Form who supervised the visit said, 

“I watched, holding back a powerful wave of emotion, as more than one of our students delicately fed our disabled hosts. Then there was Shirei who held the hand of another lady for nearly 20 minutes. 

The elderly people there had dignity and were very honest and open with our students. There were those with dementia and others with arthritis. It was great to see them so well looked after and incredible to watch the connections between young and old. In over two decades of teaching I honestly think this is the proudest I have ever felt of a group of students.”


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