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Haze Policy

The College monitors the Air Quality Index (AQI) levels from a number of different sources, including the Malaysian Department for the Environment website APIMS (, the IQAir app in Iskandar Puteri, as well as seeking advice from the State Education Department.

There are specific response points for AQI levels based on assessed health implications for pupils. Corresponding adjustments will be made to outdoor activities if the AQI level thresholds are reached. If activities are cancelled, a notification will be sent to parents.


Dear Parents,

We have been made aware that distressing video content related to current world headlines is currently circulating via various social media applications. As a result, we recommend that you remain particularly vigilant and monitor your child’s usage of social media at this time. Your child’s safety and mental well-being are of utmost importance, and staying informed about their online activities is crucial to limit their exposure to harmful and distressing material.

Steps to safeguard your child:

  1. Have an open conversation: Talk to your child about the potential risk of stumbling across disturbing content online and what action they should take. For example, closing the application immediately or moving directly off the content.
  2. Review app settings and use parental control tools: Check and adjust the privacy and security settings on your child’s social media apps to ensure they have appropriate controls in place to limit exposure to harmful material.

“Supporting Children to Deal with Upsetting Content”

This week’s online safety guide contains some valuable pointers for supporting children to deal with upsetting content they may have encountered online.  There are also pointers for adults to help young people to process any negative emotions that they may be feeling.




Michaelmas Half Term Concert

17th October 2023 | 6.30pm | Wykeham Hall

We look forward to welcoming parents to the Prep School Michaelmas Half Term Concert. The Prep Music department has arranged an early evening performance comprising of various solo and duet music performances, along with a dance routine. Refreshments will be served after the performance.


Register for the event


View the programme 


Nations Day | 19th October 2023 | All day

On Thursday 19th October, the College and Friends of MCM will be holding its annual Nations Day. This event is a wonderful celebration of the many nations that are represented within our school community. There are a number of events that feature in our Nations Day celebrations. The first is a full College parade, displaying the flags of the all nations we represent. We hope that all pupils will dress in their national colours or traditional dress for the day. We ask that children do not wear sports team attire.

Parents may attend the parade and line the Marlborough Mile from Prep to Court and enjoy the pupils’ parade. We ask that only those parents who have volunteered enter the food hall; however, there is an opportunity for other parents to visit from 3-3:30pm to see what the pupils enjoyed. Parents of performers are welcome to watch the performances from the Senior Sports Hall upper gallery.

Event timing:
Parade – 8.30am
Performance – 9.45am
Food Hall opens – 10.45am

We look forward to another fantastic Nations Day.


University Guidance

Understanding UK University Fee Status for UK British passport holders
2nd November 2023 | 6.00pm – 7.00pm | Wykeham Hall

On Thursday 2nd November Marlborough College Malaysia is hosting a talk given by Sam Goodwin from UK Study Options to provide further information around Domestic Fee Status for UK Applicants with British passports.

Fee Status Manager, Sam Goodwin, has worked in student funding in the university sector and has extensive knowledge of the fee status rules and regulations. In this talk, Sam will translate the jargon and dispel the myths around fee status. He will offer tips and advice on how you can avoid losing your home fee eligibility and take any of your questions.

This talk will take place on Thursday 2nd November at 6.00pm in the Wykeham Hall. There will be an opportunity for Questions and Answers and is expected to finish at 7.00pm.

If you have any questions regarding university guidance at Marlborough please email

Register for the Event
(by Friday 21st October 2023)


Jazz Charity Dinner

18th November 2023 | Theatre | 7pm | RM200

We are delighted to invite you to the first Jazz Charity Dinner on the 18th November 2023 at 7pm in the Theatre. 

This lovely evening will feature the Jazz Band, the Senior Quintet and solo singers from the Senior School. There will be a mix of traditional and modern Jazz repertoire from various artists, such as Dave Brubeck, Bruno Mars, Michael Bublé, Nat King Cole and Astor Piazzolla.

The cost of the ticket is RM200 which includes a three course meal and a welcome drink. Those attending will also be welcome to bring their own alcohol should they wish to enjoy a glass of wine with the food and music.

The dress code is Jazz Club Attire (smart casual, no denim, flip-flops, singlets or shorts).

This is an adult (18+) only event.  All proceeds will be used to support one of the College charities.

Buy a ticket


Gift and Food Hall Vendor Booking

Christmas Fair Sunday | 3rd December 2023

We are very excited to be in the planning process for this year’s Christmas Fair, and it promises to be an even bigger and better event than last year. One of the gems of the fair is the Gift and Food Hall, where all your Christmas shopping needs can be fulfilled. Registration is now open if you would like to reserve a table to sell your products.

The pricing per table is as follows:
One table indoors @ 250RM
Two tables indoors @ 400RM
One table outdoors (covered area) @ 200RM
Two tables outdoors (covered area) @ 350RM

Christmas Fair 2023
Vendor Registration Form

If you have any questions please email Friends of MCM.


Annual MCM Master’s Art Competition

Celebrating Creativity and Inspiration

Welcome to the Annual Master’s Art Competition, a celebration of artistic expression and innovation!

The competition revolves around the theme “Artistic Journey” inviting pupils of all levels to showcase their unique talents. Explore the power of art to tell stories, evoke emotions, and spark conversations.

The competition is open to the whole school: Years 1 through to Upper Sixth. Only original works created by the submitting pupils are eligible.

Any two-dimensional media that can be hung on a wall is eligible for submission. This includes: paintings, drawings, prints, collages, and mixed media.



Spotlight On: Friends of MCM

The Friends of MCM (FoMCM) are an integral part of life here at the College. The group allows our parent community to connect as well as helping to run College events throughout the year. FoMCM Chair, Mr Justin Regan speaks about the group’s plans for this term.

Read more


Adult English Classes

Conversational English Class

Tuesdays from 8.35 am

Classroom Fletcher 4, Prep School


Please wait in Prep Reception for registration to be completed


Who should attend:

Any adult who wishes to improve their current level of English

What we do each Lesson:

  • MCM Newsletter – discuss important notices and answer questions
  • Each week, we will discuss a subject (which we picked last lesson). New words and phrases will be introduced and practised
  • Pick a subject for next week’s lesson


Questions & Answers – The class can ask questions about:

Any English words or phrases they recently heard and did not understand 


What useful words or phrases to use in certain situations?

Beginners English Class

Thursdays from 8.35 am

Classroom Fletcher 4, Prep School


Please wait in Prep Reception for registration to be completed


Who should attend:

Any adult who wishes to start to learn English

What we do each Lesson:

  • MCM Newsletter – discuss important notices and answer questions
  • Each week, we will discuss a “how do we” subject, learn the important words and phrases, and practise them
  • Questions & Answers – The class can ask questions about any English words or phrases they recently heard and did not understand

Examples: “How do we introduce ourselves”, “How do we greet other parents at the start or end of the school day“, “How do we talk about our children”, How do we order food at a restaurant”, “How do we shop for clothes”, “How do we shop for food” …..

Quote from an existing class member: 

“His class style is very relaxed and enjoyable. He does not lecture in a rigid manner but incorporates examples from real life. Secondly, he is really a very enthusiastic teacher and friend. He patiently helps us explain the problems, and the class content is all usable in our lives.”


Library E-Platform

We would like to highlight one of the many options our pupils have to engage in reading throughout their day. The College subscribes to an e-library service containing 2000+ books for pupils of all years. It works on both browsers and iPads, mobile phones, and Kindle “Fire”. The E-Platform operates so anyone with an email ending in can access it via our subscription.  The E-Platform offers a broad suite of new tools to support learning;

  • Text to Speech (TTS)
  • Translation to 150+ languages
  • Text to Speech for translated languages
  • Sentence structure markup (nouns, verbs, adjectives etc)
  • Simple image depiction of words
  • Dyslexia friendly settings

(N.B. Please note that some of these features are still in development and might not yet work on the mobile app, but should all function properly on your web browser.) Do encourage your child to explore the e-platform and instructions on how to login are shown below:

Here’s some simple instructions to login:

  1. Please click on this link using your browser
  2. Sign in with your school email and password.
  3. You are now ready to borrow a book, click on any book you wish to borrow, click borrow and read.

For tablets, ipads and mobile phones:

  1. Download the mobile app (ePlatform by Wheelers)
  2. Add New Library: Marlborough College Malaysia
  3. Sign in with your school email and password
  4. You are now ready to borrow a book, click on any book you wish to borrow, click borrow and read.


Bug-Busting Notice

Our school community needs to work together to do some serious ‘Bug-busting’.

As we approach half term, this is an ideal time to start having a head louse blitz as if everyone commits to checking their child’s hair over the one-week holiday, Marlborough will hopefully be lice free. We ask everyone to check their child’s hair and check all family members, as the lice may have crawled from person to person. 

Please regularly check for any eggs or lice.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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Key Dates

(correct as of 13th October 2023. For up to date information please refer to the College website calendar)

Saturday 14th October 2023

Football fixture



U9, U11, U13, U15 and U18 pupils

Selected pupils

Sunday 15th October 2023

Boarders’ Lecture Programme 


Boarders only

Monday 16th October 2023

Year 3 and Year 4 House Football

2.40pm to 4.15pm

MCM Fields

Parents are welcome


Senior School Soloist and Small Ensemble Concert

7.00pm to 9.00pm 


By invitation only

Tuesday 17th October 2023

Year 7, Year 8, and Shell House Football

8.30am to 10.00am 

MCM Fields 

Parents are welcome


Year 5 and Year 6 House Football

2.40pm to 4.15pm

MCM Fields

Parents are welcome


Remove Orders Published online 


Parent Portal


Prep Michaelmas Half Term Concert

6.30pm – 7.15pm

Wykeham Hall

Sign up link

Wednesday 18th October

Early Years Wellness Day

8.30am to 4.15pm

Pre-Prep pupils


Online Parent / Tutor meeting

5.30pm talk with HM via a google meet

6.15pm to 8.15pm 

Booking appointment

Shell, Remove, Hundred and Lower Sixth pupils parents

Thursday 19th October 2023

Nations Day 

8.30am to 3.30pm



Geography Awe and Wonder – East Java Volcano Trekking

Depart 4.30pm from Court 

East Java, Indonesia

Sixth Form pupils


Half Term



Friday 20th October 2023

Diving and Cultural trip to Bali

Early morning departure


Sunday 29th October 2023

6.00pm to 9.00 pm

Boarders return


Monday 30th October 2023 


Lesson resume


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