Mechanobiologist Talk

On Wednesday 27th September, pupils from Hundred, Remove and the Sixth Form were invited to attend a lecture by Samuel Maher, a third-year PhD student from the Cell Mechanobiology Laboratory at the University of Western Australia.

Samuel’s research is centred on stem cell mechanobiology, which focuses on how physical forces affect cells and tissues. Alongside this, he also studies how tissue engineering can be used for regenerative medicine purposes. When Samuel isn’t conducting research for his PhD, he teaches neuroscience, anatomy and physiology at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels at UWA.

The venue for the lecture was the cosy confines of Taylor House, and the intimate atmosphere encouraged pupils to ask questions more freely. Samuel talked about his work and the path to success. He stressed that success does not adhere to a one-size-fits-all-formula, instead, it takes on a unique form from person to person. The pupils greatly appreciated the opportunity to engage with a real-world professional like Samuel, who generously shared his experiences and offered invaluable advice from an industry perspective.

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