IA Silver Expedition Trip 2023

During the first half of the Michaelmas term, pupils from Hundred prepared for their Silver IA. They embarked on their IA Silver Expedition on the first Exeat and had an incredible encounter with a group of wild elephants during their four-day adventure in Endau Rompin National Park.


The ‘Adventurous Journey’ is a key component of the IA Silver Award and requires pupils to work as a team to plan, prepare and undertake a journey in an unfamiliar environment. The pupils spent hours preparing for the trip from learning how to paddle kayaks – including how to capsize them, to practising setting up camp and even learning how to manage their own First Aid. As they made their way downstream over the four days, the pupils had to organise their equipment, cook their own food and work together to choose the safest routes along the river as well as navigate the occasional river rapid. 


But nobody could have prepared them for the wonderful surprise they experienced on the final day. Local guides had spotted elephant tracks nearby and after gathering the group together were amazed to find these incredible creatures playing and bathing in the river. The pupils were able to watch this magical scene unfold right in front of them. Mr Eaton-Jones, IA Coordinator describes the moment the group first saw the elephants. 


“There was a large alpha male standing on the nearest bank, maybe 40m away, surveying us and keeping an eye on the group. The rest of the herd were split: some were playing in the river with the little ones using their trunks like snorkels, some were feeding on the plentiful vegetation, and some were giving themselves a dust bath in the setting sun. We watched for over 30 minutes in total silence and disbelief. It was magical, almost emotional, and we were totally gripped.”


It was certainly an unforgettable experience, one which the pupils will always remember forever. 


“Overall, the Silver Qualifying Adventurous Journey was a once-in-a-lifetime experience which I thoroughly enjoyed. Not only was I able to learn a lot of new skills like camping and canoeing, I also got to know some of my teammates better. The highlight was seeing wild elephants playing in the river and snacking on leaves – the baby ones were adorable too!  We definitely made stronger bonds, and this has been a memorable experience for all of us.” Anny



“ It was a very fun and memorable event, I have learnt about the importance of teamwork, as well as building tents and canoeing. We spent a busy few days with each other and the teachers, even though our canoe floated away one night, we still got it back. It was an enjoyable experience and I do not regret taking this opportunity. – Mavis


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