Halloween Run 2023

On Friday 13th October, the Senior School hosted its first Halloween Run in the history of Marlborough College Malaysia. The Raising and Giving Society came together alongside beaks to plan the event with all money raised going to the Outreach programme. An impressive 10,000RM was raised on the day and the event was a fantastic success with over 250  pupils coming together and running for worthwhile causes. 


At the start of the race, the athletics track was a sea of green as pupils lined up ready to go in their Halloween t-shirts, designed by talented Sixth Former Karina Yang. 


But this Halloween Run had a difference, the pupils weren’t running this race alone! Dotted through the run, nightmare creatures (pupils and beaks dressed up) were waiting for the runners with their SFX makeup, carefully applied by the Drama Scholars. Each monster’s goal was to take one of the tags on the pupils’ waists. If the pupils lost all three, they were out of the race and could only run for fun.


Luckily, those taking part in the run could make their way to a safe zone such as Court, where pupils were able to stop and have a drink of water before making their way back to the athletics area. 


As the runners neared the finish line, they faced a cascade of water in the form of a ‘slip and slide’ and with even more beaks and pupils emerging, looking for all those all-important tags, it was truly a think-fast moment. After successfully completing the run pupils were able to enjoy the refreshments generously provided by the students, staff and parents supporting the event. 


Thank you to Ms Ngakane for organising the run and all of the other beaks and pupils who came together to raise money for our five Outreach charities.

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