Chichester Charity Day MT2023

Last week, the Wykeham Hall was ablaze with red for Chichester Charity Day. All Prep pupils were invited to enjoy a series of stalls and games set up by Chichester Year 7 and 8 pupils. All the money raised went towards our school charities.


The event named ‘Chichester Fest’ encompassed a number of games and challenges including sports stalls, pin the tail on the rhino, spin the wheel and perhaps the most exciting, a Nerf shooting range. Pupils were also well refreshed with delicious cupcakes and sweet treats from the cake stall and the opportunity to decorate their own cookies. 


Throughout the week, pupils also had the chance to guess the toy rhino’s name, the prize was a teddy of their house animal. 


Aside from all the fun, Chichester houses hardwork was thoroughly rewarded with the proceeds for the day raising an incredible RM8300 for charity.

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