Celebration of outstanding IGCSE results

The College is delighted to celebrate the outstanding IGCSE grades that our Hundred pupils have achieved – the highest in the school’s history. Both boys and girls performed strongly with some exceptional results across all subjects.

Panithraa gained the top grade in all subjects with 11 A*s/9s, including Additional Maths. Panithraa joined the College as a Year 1 pupil in 2012 as a founding pupil and has been with the College since its opening. Jolie, who is a member of Wallace House also achieved outstanding results with 11 A*s/9s as well as an A grade in Second Language Chinese, giving her 12 IGCSEs overall.

The boys also gained top grades with Roy achieving A*s/9s for 9 of his subjects, along with 2 As in English Language and Economics. Roy joined the College in 2017 as a Year 6 pupil and is currently a boarder in Atlas.

These results are even more impressive considering that the pupils had to overcome the challenges of online learning during the pandemic. Their success comes after two years of hard work and is a reflection of the outstanding teaching and learning that the College provides.

Both students have chosen to stay at the College to continue their studies and have taken their place among the Sixth Form as they embark on the IB course.


Panithraa being congratulated by the Master during the Lower Sixth exam celebrations

Roy representing Wills House during the Senior House Challenge

Jolie (Centre) on IGCSE Edexcel result day


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