An Eerie Evening

Monday 9th October saw the Senior Drama pupils perform in ‘An Eerie Evening’. The performance was unlike any other, as talented pupils led the audience through spooky spaces within the Music and Drama Department. The production was a “Promenade Performance” which involves audience members following the actors through the performance.

First, the audiecne was treated to a haunted house-style walk-through of dark corridors, macabre rooms all filled with a cast of otherworldly beings that lurked, their presence felt more than seen, ready to pounce on an unsuspecting audience member. As the show went on and the audience ventured deeper into the creepy spaces, the cast’s characters came to life. Pupils would materialise from the darkness and deliver lines with poise and conviction, which added to the eerie atmosphere. The performance took inspiration from Little Red Riding Hood and Alice in Wonderland but with a modern twist.

Eventually, the audience made it to the theatre for some refreshments and a chance to reflect on the performance, only to be met with pupils who materialised from nowhere, to perform a dance routine.

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