Economics and Business Olympiad

Pupils in the Senior School were put to the test recently during the inaugural Olympiad run by the Economics and Business Department. HMs nominated one pupil from each year group to take part in a series of challenges to test their business acumen and understanding of key economic principles in this House competition. 


Rounds varied from simply identifying unevolved corporate logos, to working out challenging economic and business problems. The business crossword proved particularly tricky for our pupils, however, the card sort challenge was completed brilliantly with most of the teams being able to match the corporate aims and objectives to the correct multinational.


The anagrams round also proved entertaining with clues such as “asian pioneer girls” being an anagram of Singapore Airlines and “crab tusks” being an anagram for Starbucks which certainly had some of the teams guessing.


Best of all was that throughout the Olympiad, the teamwork and communication between pupils from different year groups was excellent. The overall champions after the 10 different rounds, were Sheppard House who managed to achieve a score of 89 out of a possible 120 marks. Points earned in this competition will now count towards the overall House cup.


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