Year 6 Residential 2023

Year 6 were treated to a trip to Taman Negeri Endau Rompin for their residential last week. There was much excitement when the pupils arrived at their camp at Rompin Rainforest Lodge, where they were quickly introduced to their activity leaders. 


The week was spent kayaking and trekking amid the lush jungle. Everyone enjoyed a hike to a beautiful waterfall where they  could cool off with a swim, and some pupils even treated themselves to a ‘spa treatment’ by using the mud found in the riverbed. Floating along the rapids and gazing at the blue sky and beautiful jungle after a paddle up the river was certainly a highlight.


The Year 6s were also able to meet the Orang Asli (indigenous Malaysian people) who showed them how they survive in the rainforest, how to construct a wildlife shelter using palm leaves, and gave the pupils an opportunity to use a blow gun. 


Evening activities included stargazing adventures and captivating night safari walks to discover some of fascinating creatures that inhabit the rainforest. The guides were even able to use blue light to show the pupils scorpions! 


The last day  involved a visit to Terokai Hargai, an exhibition showcasing the wildlife and animals inhabiting Endau Rompin. Interactive displays and mini-movies provided pupils with a broader understanding of the ecosystem and the vital roles played by each animal. 


The trip ended with a fun talent show where the teachers sang their own song about Rompin called ‘The Twelve Gifts of Rompin’ set to the tune of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas.’ 


Mrs Shea Baxter, Head of Year 6 said,  “Loads of fun was had, and our children are so privileged to have had the opportunity to learn in the wild, open spaces of this beautiful country, Malaysia. It was a fantastic experience for our Year 6s, one which we are confident they will continue to speak of for the foreseeable future.”

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