Year 5 Residential 2023

The Year 5 residential was full of smiles and laughter as the year group took part in a range of challenges, games and activities on the College’s 90-acre site. It was a chance for pupils to stay in a boarding house, fully immersing themselves in the Marlborough atmosphere and seeing it as their ‘home’ just for a little while. 


The experience kicked off with a visit to the lake for paddle boarding, rafting, and swimming. Next, the pupils eagerly rolled up their sleeves and made chocolate butter cookies before moving on to a thrilling game of Capture the Flag and a visit to the climbing wall.  Some were trying new activities that they had never done before and it was wonderful to see them taking part and being so excited with the new adventures. 


After a refreshing night’s rest and a hearty breakfast, it was off to Desaru for some team-building activities on the beach. Working in small groups, the pupils tackled tasks that required creative thinking and strong teamwork. Their reward was a relaxing cool-down at one of the resort’s swimming pools which had a hugely enjoyable water slide. On their return to the College, a movie night was a great way to unwind after the eventful action-packed day. 


The final day saw the Year 5s take on the steeplechase which had them crawling under, leaping over, and ploughing straight through paths of mud before sliding down the slip-and-slide covered with plenty of soapy water to ensure as much laughter and enjoyment as possible. As the day drew to a close, the Year 5 pupils left the College in high spirits, cherishing the memories of their time spent together.

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