University Destinations 2023

We are very pleased to share that our ‘World Beating’ IB results have transmuted into an impressive array of university destinations for our 2023 leavers.


All Marlborough College Malaysia students who applied to university received at least one offer and these vary in level from BA/BSc, MChem, MEng and Foundation Diplomas, and represent a broad range of subjects from medicine and engineering to law, psychology and the Arts. 52% of our students applied to the UK, 22% to the US and 23% to Australia. Most of our students applied to two countries, reflecting the international outlook of the College and our students. Two students gained offers from Ivy League universities in the US (Columbia and UPenn), two students gained places at prestigious Art institutions in the UK, namely the Glasgow School of Art and the University of Arts, London, and one student was placed for medicine in the UK. The most popular universities that our students applied to were the University of Manchester, University of Toronto, King’s College London, UCL, University of Durham and The University of Edinburgh. Four of our students also gained outstanding international academic-based scholarships within Canada or the USA. Several of our students are either taking a gap year or undergoing Singapore National Service and we look forward to supporting them with their applications in the future.


Of the cohort who will be attending university; 89% of students are attending their first university of choice with 93% attending their first or second choice university. These are outstanding statistics by any standard, and show that our students at MCM really can dream of attending any institution, anywhere in the world.


Congratulations to our 2023 cohort of Old Malburians

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