Silver IA Practice Expedition 2023 | Hundred

Last weekend, the Silver Award pupils in Hundred undertook their Practice Adventurous Journey on Sungai Melayu. Following several months of determined logging and training, this was their first opportunity to experience the expedition aspect of the award. It was also a chance to practise some paddle and rescue skills before the Qualifying expedition in two weeks.


The group paddled 25 km over the weekend and camped at a local school on Saturday night. Despite a challenging first day acclimatising to the boats and expedition conditions, they mustered up the energy to volunteer on Sunday morning and eagerly led some drawing, spelling, and dancing classes for the children.


All of the pupils involved displayed fantastic enthusiasm and engagement throughout the weekend and could not have been better ambassadors for the Silver Award. Special thanks must go to Mr Astill and Miss Hendle for volunteering their time to support and facilitate this incredible experience.


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