Year 8 Leadership Week 2023

Year 8 pupils had a change to their usual timetable recently as they embarked on Leadership Week which involved a range of activities, seminars, and training opportunities. The week is designed to develop the qualities needed to become effective leaders as well as helping pupils to engage with all aspects of school life. 


In true MCM style, the learning did not just take place in the classroom, there were some exciting challenges set up within the grounds of the College to test the pupils’ perseverance, resilience and communication skills.


The week started with an introduction to some of the key themes of leadership such as understanding other perspectives and practising empathy. This was followed by a look at conflict management and the roles we can play to prevent conflict in everyday life. 


As the week progressed, pupils also enjoyed lectures from the Sixth Form Prefects on the importance of pupil voice and how to achieve change. They also received an inspiring talk about endurance from the Master, Mr. Burbury, and heard about his own experience completing the tough Marathon Des Sables through the Sahara Desert. 


The pupils’ innovation and resourcefulness were tested with the highly anticipated technical challenge. The pupils were tasked with designing and creating a prototype of the most effective flying machine in history using materials creatively sourced from their school environment. 


But the highlight of the week was the thrilling steeplechase. This muddy obstacle course featured a variety of obstacles strategically placed around the running track, to test the pupils’ agility, speed and perseverance. 


The week was thoroughly enjoyed by all and these Year 8 pupils are now well equipped with the skills and confidence to tackle any challenge the year ahead brings, as well as smoothing the way for their transition into Senior School.

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