Get Out of Your Shell – Desaru Day 2023

On Friday 1st September, our Shell (Year 9) pupils set off for a team-building day on Desaru beach. Alongside the House Masters and Mistresses, pupils took part in a range of activities and games designed to build friendships and improve teamwork skills.

Housemaster of Sheppard, Mr Jack Travers said “It was a brilliant day out for the Shell at Desaru with a series of team building activities enjoyed with perfect beach weather. It was great to see the youngest members of the Senior School working together, having fun, and building relationships and friendships that will last a lifetime. They had to use brain and brawn throughout and it was excellent to see them working together, bringing energy and enthusiasm to the tasks.”

One of the favourite games pupils played was transporting water using a bowl on top of their heads. These activities, while humorous, had an overall goal: to prove to pupils that they could succeed but that working together is the key to success.

The pupils demonstrated exceptional team spirit and leadership skills, supporting one another and encouraging each member in the group to try their best.

The end of the day saw all of the pupils in the swimming pool having a cool-down after the busy day. It was magical to see pupils wearing their house swipes alongside huge grins on their faces! Truly a great success!


Report by Samantha Baker, Wallace Housemistress

The sun was barely peeping over the horizon as our Year 9 pupils gathered eagerly, brimming with excitement for their day of adventure at Desaru. With a packed schedule filled with fun activities and team-building challenges, it promised to be a day to remember.

The day kicked off with a spirited game of “Follow My Leader.” Pupils started in pairs with rock, paper, scissors as the decider, testing everyone’s ability to communicate and work together. Laughter and cheers filled the air as they conquered the challenge, setting the perfect tone for the day ahead.

Next up was the thrilling “Queen Dodgeball” showdown. Pupils divided into teams and dodged, ducked, dipped, and dived to avoid being hit by the ball, protecting the ‘Queen’ at all times. The intensity was palpable, but so was the sense of camaraderie as everyone cheered each other on.

After a drinks break, it was time for some refreshing water teamwork activities. Groups had to overcome water-related challenges that required excellent cooperation and coordination. Splashes and shouts of triumph echoed across the beach as they conquered these tasks.

Lunchtime provided a much-needed break, where pupils gathered to share stories and build connections with their fellow Year 9 classmates. It was a wonderful opportunity for new friendships to blossom and for everyone to refuel for the adventures that lay ahead.

The afternoon was filled with anticipation as pupils embarked on a treasure hunt along the hot Desaru beach. Clues were deciphered, and teamwork was put to the test as they combed the shoreline in search of hidden clues. The thrill of discovery and the joy of working together to solve riddles was truly a highlight of the day.
Finally, as the day drew to an end, our Shell pupils ended their unforgettable adventure with a long-awaited dip in the pool, still in swipes and shorts. Laughter and splashes filled the air as they relaxed and reflected on the day’s challenges and triumphs.

This day of team building not only provided our Shell pupils with thrilling adventures but also with invaluable opportunities to bond and connect with their fellow pupils. As they returned home, tired but exhilarated, they carried with them the memories of a day well spent, building lasting friendships and strengthening their sense of unity within the school community.

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