Elisa earns perfect SAT score

Sixth Form student Elisa has achieved a perfect score of 1600 on her recent Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT). Full marks are almost impossible to attain, with only a select few gaining the maximum number of points each year. Last year out of the 1.7 million students to take the test only 300 achieved full marks – that’s 0.0002%.


The three hour exam is used by American universities to measure students’ readiness for higher education and is made up of two sections each worth 800 marks. Elisa achieved 800 for both the Math and Evidence-Based Reading giving her the highest possible overall mark. The average score in 2022 was around the 1050 mark which highlights the challenging nature of the test and Elisa’s achievement.


Elisa now joins ranks of successful entrepreneurs like Microsoft founder Paul Allen and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg who also both scored 1600. With a perfect score, Elisa is eligible to join any of the top educational institutions in the US including all the Ivy League Colleges. A truly remarkable achievement.


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