College Spotlight – Exceptional staff, exceptional facilities

It is said that every day is a school day, and this holds true for the staff and pupils at Marlborough College Malaysia. Our staff are constantly learning through professional development to enable them to acquire new skills that are essential to help our pupils flourish in the dynamic landscape of the modern world. With the introduction of new technologies, such as AI, and the development of facilities at the College, such as the lake, it is imperative that all staff at MCM are continually developing their skills to ensure that they can bring the best offerings to our pupils. Investing in the professional development of our staff enhances individual teaching practices, elevates the overall quality of education being delivered, and guarantees that the pupils are being provided for by well-equipped and educated caregivers.


Over the holidays, over 40 members of staff participated in training to support our rapidly developing Co-Curricular activities programme. Rockworld and Vulpecula Outdoors provided professional training sessions focusing on the indoor climbing wall, archery, and watersports activities on our lake. Our dedicated Nursing team have been leading First Aid courses, each with a specialised focus on individual sports for our sport coaches, sharing their knowledge and skills to provide a safer environment for our pupils to grow in. One of the things that makes MCM unique is its vast facilities and having staff who are fully equipped to run activities, helps the pupils to realise their potential within this exceptional setting. 


The focus on professional development at the College means that Beaks can stay abreast of evolving best practices, staying up to date with the latest pedagogical developments, to enable them to adapt their teaching to create a positive impact on pupils’ learning outcomes. We firmly believe that empowered teachers, armed with the latest knowledge and skills, are better equipped to nurture the potential of their pupils, fostering a generation that is well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

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