Beagle Hash Michaelmas 2023


On Friday, 25th August 2023, the Boarding community at Marlborough College Malaysia embarked on the new academic year’s first Beagle Hash. Decked out in their house swipes, the pupils ventured into the plantation that surrounds the College and began searching for the paper tags which identify the correct route.

In between the overgrown paths were open spaces which made one feel like they were in a sci-fi film, before plunging back into the undergrowth to tackle water obstacles. The cries of ‘on on’ echoed through the vegetation and as the correct path was identified ahead.

Upon finishing a particularly wet and muddy Beagle Hash, the pupils were treated to the traditional curry and brownie on Court, before many of the boarders headed off to the Boardgame cafe for their Friday activity. It was the perfect end to the first week of term.

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