Spotlight On: Friends of MCM

As the new academic year unfolds and the first Friends of Marlborough College Malaysia (FoMCM) event looms on the horizon, there’s no better moment to contemplate the past accomplishments of FoMCM and the ongoing contributions it makes to Marlborough College Malaysia.


The Friends of Marlborough College Malaysia is composed of a group of dedicated parent volunteers known as Ambassadors, representing diverse backgrounds and forming a nurturing interconnected network. The core objective of FoMCM revolves around fostering connections and strengthening the MCM community of parents and Guardians. This objective is rooted in the aspiration to cultivate meaningful relationships and engage in initiatives that enhance both the College and pupils’ experiences.


In pursuit of this mission, the FoMCM Ambassadors collaboratively coordinate and oversee a diverse array of events throughout the academic year. These events are thoughtfully crafted to integrate new parents, foster a sense of camaraderie, and instil a pervasive feeling of community spirit within Marlborough College Malaysia.


Starting from financing the construction of Barton Farm, and extending to establishing the second-hand uniform shop, as well as providing a welcoming presence for new and old parents to engage with, the group is wholeheartedly dedicated to fostering a sense of community within the school.


Justin, the chair of Friends had this to say “I am excited to be heading into this new year after the success we had last year. One of the best for FoMCM, especially with all of our 10th Anniversary special events. With our new families joining this year, I am looking forward to growing participation in our events and creating a community the College can be proud of.”

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