First Day back: Tuesday 22nd August 2023

We welcomed our pupils back to Marlborough College Malaysia today and the atmosphere was electric with excitement. The enthusiasm of the pupils, reuniting with their classmates after a whole summer apart and ready for another year of learning, was palpable.

The Marlborough College community has grown quite significantly and it was wonderful to extend a warm welcome to so many new pupils and families.

Mr. Burbury, the Master, alongside Mr. Glynn, Mrs. Eaton Jones, Mrs. Tomlinson and Mrs Cassidy, enjoyed greeting the arriving pupils in the Pre-Prep, Prep and Senior schools. With laughter in the air, pupils went to class, ready to start the term on a positive note.

The new Master stood before the Senior School pupils in an eagerly anticipated assembly and he touched upon the theme of Resilience. This was particularly poignant for those embarking on their IB and IGCSE exams. The idea of striving to bounce back quickly after difficulties resonated with all the pupils as they stepped into a new chapter of their lives. Concurrently, Mrs. Eaton Jones led the Prep and Pre-Prep assemblies. She shared anecdotes of summer fun and introduced our new staff to all the pupils.

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