World-beating IBDP results 2023

Sixth Form pupils at Marlborough College Malaysia celebrated another year of world-beating IB Diploma Programme results on 6th July. Among them, five of the College’s prefects achieved near perfect top band results and top scorer, Axel’s impressive 43 points diploma is an outstanding preparation for his undergraduate law studies at King’s College London.


Overall, with a mean IB score of 33, the equivalent of straight As at A-Level and a 35 points 5 year average, Marlborough College Malaysia’s candidates again achieved well beyond the global benchmark. Although IB acknowledges the COVID-related challenges that the class of 2023 had to overcome, it followed through on its stated aim of returning to pre-pandemic grade distribution, so the global pass rate plummeted to 79% yet, reassuringly, 97% of MCM candidates successfully achieved the diploma.


MCM’s track record remains particularly impressive since it does not merely select only the academically gifted for Sixth Form. Moreover, IBDP is widely recognised as the world’s leading pre-university qualification and its philosophy dovetails perfectly with the holistic aim of the College, which is to educate the whole person, not just their intellect so, committed to offering all candidates the very best, everyone at MCM is able to enter the diploma programme. 


The Master of the College commented: “I am delighted to congratulate this year’s IB candidates, whose achievement in reaching this milestone is wonderful and I have no doubt that they will go on to achieve great things both at university and in their lives. For 10 years, MCM has prided itself on giving the world human capital at its very finest – not just people who can memorise things and pass exams, for such characters are becoming less and less useful. This year’s IB Diploma graduates are well-rounded individuals with a strong character and a broad perspective on the world; they face the future with intellectual dexterity, a social conscience, integrity and the global support of the Old Marlburian network.”


“While the pandemic may seem like a distant memory to us now, it’s easy to forget that this IB cohort embarked on their studies under the impact of lockdown, online learning and all the pressures that such disruption brought during their first year of their course. The global health crisis forced us all to adapt swiftly, creating an entirely new set of challenges for students and beaks alike. Despite these hurdles, our resilient IB students have demonstrated outstanding perseverance, adaptability, and determination to succeed. I congratulate all of them, their families and the dedicated beaks who have supported them throughout this journey.”


Many MCM pupils have secured offers from QS top 100 universities around the world, including Edinburgh, Imperial, LSE, UCL, King’s College, Brown, Pennsylvania, Columbia, Melbourne and Toronto among others. They have left Marlborough prepared not just to be students but, having learned the lessons of companionship, compassion and conversation, to be dynamic members of their new societies, wherever they may be.

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