Outstanding Leadership Award 2023

On 13th July 2023 the Master of Marlborough College Malaysia, Mr Alan Stevens, was honoured to be invited to accept a prestigious Outstanding Leadership Award on behalf of the College.

The award for Private School Leadership was conferred by Tan Sri Dr Michael Yeoh, President of the Kingsley Strategic Institute for Asia Pacific. The Strategic Institute is a highly-regarded independent not-for-profit think tank that is dedicated to improving socio-economic wellbeing through the development of public policy, ideas, research, public interaction and strategic insight.

Marlborough College Malaysia has been acknowledged for not only leading the way on a number of educational initiatives, but for sharing its experience with other schools. MCM’s work on wellbeing, digital learning, boarding and pedagogy have all attracted commendations from a range of British and international bodies since the global health emergency and this latest award recognises the excellent work of its staff.

In addition to its operational excellence, the Master has met with a range of government ministers and even a Prime Minister in recent years to discuss the place of the international sector in providing key infrastructure for attracting foreign direct investment and thereby economic and social uplift, while also promoting collaboration between the international and state education sectors to promote mutual best practice, helping to achieve the government’s economic plan and improve social mobility in Malaysia.

The Outstanding Leadership Award consolidates Marlborough College Malaysia’s place among the leading, most forward-looking and socially responsible schools in Asia.


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