Summer Serenade 2023

On Thursday 8th June, the Marlborough community came together for the last Prep music event of the 2022/2023 school year, the Summer Serenade. This annual concert is a celebration of the arts, featuring many musical and dance performances. The Prep pupils have been practising throughout the Summer Term to perfect their pieces and deliver a stunning concert to the large audience in attendance.

The evening began with a Quintet of a pianist, harpist, violinists and cellist performing Berceuse by Faure, a wonderful calming melody that set the evening to a soothing tone. The musical pieces continued on the piano, strings, flute and vocal performances. The highlights of the evening came from group performances by the Prep Choir, Year 8 and finally the Prep Orchestra.

This was a particularly special concert for our Year 8 performers for whom it was the final performance of their Prep School lives as they move into Shell next year. To commemorate this transition, Year 8 sang ‘Dreamers’ by Junkook, echoing the lyrics “Look who we are, we are the dreamers, we make it happen because we believe it”, a fitting tribute to their time in the Prep School.

The evening ended with a wonderful performance from the Prep Orchestra with ‘Can Can’ by Offenbach, an uplifting piece and a perfect way to end this beautiful evening, a celebration of musical talent.

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