Spotlight On: The Old Marlburian Network

As we enter into the final three weeks of the 2022/2023 academic year, we bid a fond farewell to our Upper Sixth cohort as they leave their education at Marlborough College Malaysia and enter into the world as members of the Old Marlburian (OM) network. This network comprises over 10,000 OMs from both MCM and MCUK; it is a community that spans the globe, maintaining strong ties with Marlborough and all its values. 


Our Upper Sixth cohort have now left the College and are OMs, this opens the doors to unrivalled opportunities to gain knowledge, friendships and experiences with those OMs who have come before. Members include prominent characters in a range of fields, including all our speakers in the 10th Anniversary lecture series, and, of course, Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales. By connecting recent leavers with experienced alumni, it opens up a world of opportunities for mentorship, career guidance and job placements, as well as providing a strong community in which to flourish. It also allows leavers to maintain connections with the Master; this year alone Master Alan Stevens has met OMs across the world to catch up on their progress since leaving MCM. 


It is not only meeting OMs that opens doors, but the structure of the Marlburian Club is designed to help all members. The OM Angel Investment Network (OMAIN) aims to foster a spirit of entrepreneurship, connecting OMs to investment opportunities within and beyond the Marlborough network. Equally, OMs have access to MC Global Connect, an alumni-specific networking platform and app for Club Members to connect and communicate with each other. MC Global Connect enables OMs to find a mentor, post jobs, request work experience or simply search for other OMs in a similar field or location. MC Global Connect is, therefore, a valuable tool for widening the reach and strength of the OM Community. 


The Marlburian Club and OM Network enriches the lives of Marlborough College alumni and facilitates their personal and professional growth. The OM Network stands as a testament to the enduring legacy and spirit of Marlborough College, empowering its members to thrive and make a positive impact in the world.


The Marlburian Club


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