Spotlight On: Lectern Club

Lectern Club has now been a core aspect of the Sixth Form experience for six years. It has seen hundreds of pupils attend the Lodge to dine with the Master, Mrs Stevens, staff and their fellow pupils, and hundreds more give truly thought provoking and inspiring speeches on a range of topics. This year marks the final year that Lectern Club under Master Stevens, the founder of the event at MCM, will take place. This fact is bittersweet, as we bid a fond farewell to the current Master, who has coached many of our Sixth Form pupils through the trials and tribulations of speech writing, bow-tie tying and dinner etiquette, we also look to the future as the new Master Burbury, who was invited by Mr and Mrs Stevens to experience a Lectern Club dinner during his visit to the College in March, intends to maintain this wonderful tradition.

Lectern Club is held multiple times throughout the year and invites Sixth Form pupils to attend the Lodge for an evening of fine conversation, etiquette and speeches. It is intended to provide our pupils with the opportunity to practise their public speaking in a professional, formal setting as many will have to do after completing their studies. Lectern Club topics this year include ‘Tempus Fugit’, ‘The Road Less Travelled…’, ‘To Find a Truth Which is True For Me’, ‘110th Anniversary’ and ‘Fate loves the Fearless’. Speakers speak on these topics and give either a short or long speech about their interpretation of the theme, often providing thought provoking, insightful perspectives. Each speaker relieves encouraging and constructive feedback and many return to refine their craft and experience the elegant dishes provided by the College’s own catering team. The winning short and long speakers are invited back to join Mr and Mrs Stevens as guest judges who, in turn, help to give feedback to their peers. These events are a highlight of the year for many Sixth Form pupils, a confidence-building rite of passage and something for our Senior School pupils to look forward to when they enter their final years at the College.

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