Senior School | Summer Term 2023 | Week 6

Dear Parents,  


In this week’s Assembly Mr Cowie spoke to the pupils about the conference held on 23rd and 24th May on Wellbeing as we are a world-leading school in that field.  We had over 100 delegates gathered here, staff from over 40 schools all over the world. Some of the leading schools shared initiatives they had introduced that contributed positively to the wellbeing of their pupils & staff.  We heard from many leading speakers from schools and organisations around the world but the biggest round of applause was for Sophia, Upper Sixth Prefect, who talked about the work she did in various pupil forums that impacted positively on pupils’ lives. Her sense of passion and purpose were remarkable – maybe not surprising to us as we see this in our Prefects on a regular basis. Not all schools, however, have their pupils so high profile in leadership positions and feel they play an integral role in shaping behaviour.  The two main themes of the conference and what makes the biggest difference to flourishing at school and in life, were: Pupil Voice and Psychological Safety

  • Pupil Voice – everyone being heard and being respected. Schools trusting their pupil leaders, empowering them so they can shape respectful behaviour at all times
  • Psychological Safety – giving everyone the confidence that they can be themselves and enjoy being fully engaged in school life. That they are seen, heard and understood in lessons, activities, on trips, in social groups and on-line.


In the second part of the assembly Mr Cowie had a strong message for the pupils that I feel is worth sharing with you.  


“We do so many things well in terms of caring, respectful relationships but conduct on some on-line forums is, in some cases, shocking. Some accounts are set up to ridicule, bully and harass. This is a global phenomenon but that does not make it OK at MCM and we cannot allow such poisonous content to continue. Three major concerns were raised about such Social Media use:

  • those who set such accounts up
    • Those who post content that is extremely upsetting to others
    • Those who do nothing to stop such appalling behaviour.

We know how responsible and caring our pupils can be but some really let themselves down on Social Media. We stated that, in future, they must:

  • not follow accounts with offensive content
  • speak to their tutor or HM if hurtful content is being posted
  • apply a moral compass when they are online as they do around school or at home
  • take collective responsibility for conduct online and around college so they are proud of their school and how they help their peers to Flourish@MCM

Appropriate use of technology is a challenge for schools and for parents. It is clear that pupils across the whole college need guidance with this.”


Yours sincerely,

David Glynn

Head of Senior School


Available for all, IGCSE and IB
LunchWeek A/BIB Global Politics U6 (SA14) 1.15pm

Maths (LRC) 1.20pm

Maths (BE18) 12.55pm

Biology (ME5) 1.15pm

Chemistry (ME8) 1.20pm

Maths (BE22) 1.20pm

Biology (ME2) 1.15pm

History (SA11) HU 1.15pm

Maths (BE21) 12.55pm

Physics (ME3) 1.00pm

Physics (ME7 – 1:1) 1.20pm

RS 1.10-1.45pm

After SchoolWeek A/BArt & Photography

Maths (Marlburian)

Geography (SA10)Maths (BE11)Chemistry (Marlburian)


Contact Information

PA to Head of Senior School and Deputy Head Pastoral: Mrs. Baranyay 

EA to Master: Ms. Ong 


Boarding House HM

Apollo: Mr. Brown 

Atlas: Mr. Baker 

Artemis: Mrs. Tapp

Gaia: Mrs. Jarrett 


Day House HM

Butler: Mrs. Chandran 

Sheppard: Mr. Travers 

Thompson: Mr. Clarke 

Wallace: Mrs. Baker 


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