Prep School | Summer Term 2023 | Week 6

Dear Parents,

“How I live matters more than what I do” 

John Irving

We knew this term was going to pass quickly, but it feels incredible that I am now confirming with you the arrangements for Prize Days. These have changed over the last weeks; the latest dates and timings are in the Almanac. I apologise if any changes have complicated your plans.


Friday 23 June

08.45am:  All Pre-Prep parents invited to the Pre-Prep Prizegiving in Wykeham Hall

11.00am:  Parents of Year 8 awards invited to Upper Prep Final Assembly in Wykeham Hall

Saturday 24 June

10.00am:  All parents invited to Year Four to Sixth Form Prize Day in Wykeham Hall


Heat Guidance

We are delighted that we are able to spend the last days of term enjoying the fabulous MCM grounds and the full range of activities planned for your children. Our Year Eight children are off for their final Prep adventure. Clubs are back at capacity and with pupils refreshed with frequent water breaks, sport is back on. Please be assured that we are taking temperatures regularly and should it reach 35 degrees, we will refrain from any outdoor activity.  Please find here a copy of our original Before and After school clubs schedule.


Prep Learning Showcase, Thursday 15th June

Please be reminded to sign up here for one of the sessions to enjoy sharing your child’s learning. We start sessions at 1.50pm, 2.40pm and 3.30pm. This is the chance for you to see where your children are learning and to hear about which aspects they are most proud about. We hope this will help bring your child’s report to life. These will be published to the portal on the next day.

Please note that there will be no after school choir rehearsal on Thursday 15th June due to the Prep Learning Showcase.  Ballet and Tennis will proceed as usual.


Sports Update (Miss Laura Prentice, Head of Prep PE and Games)

It has been a great couple of days in the PE department with the announcement that outdoor activities can resume. Please remember to send pupils with hats, water bottles and swimming kit for lessons. 

House Touch matches will take place for girls next week for Years 5 to 8, therefore they will require their house tops. 

Sports photos will be taking place on Tuesday 13th June. Please note the relevant kit pupils will need to bring in addition to their PE kit. These photos are for those pupils that have represented the College in competitive fixtures. 


Sleeveless top, skort, white socks, trainers 


Sleeveless top, shorts, white socks, football boots

Football, Rugby, Cricket

PE kit, white socks and blue socks, football boots


PE kit (shorts and PE top)


School leotard and PE kit (shorts and PE top)


Year 3 and Year 4 Language Choice for 2023/24

Could I please remind all parents in Year 3 and Year 4 to please complete this form, regarding their child’s language choice for next academic year.


AIMS Language Competition

During the half-term holiday, 16 pupils from Year 3 to Year 10 showcased their exceptional skills and independence in the AIMS Language Competition. The AIMS Language Competition offers an exceptional opportunity for talented pupils from the region to exhibit their linguistic skills in an enjoyable and stimulating contest. Congratulations to the talented Mandarin participants: Ella Bong, Wendy Cho, Tina Feng, Subin Kim, Cici Li, Howard Li, Yinuo Li, Rachel Lozano, Michelle Ni, Kimberley Sem, Ruth Situ, Nao Yoshioka, Lula Sun, Cheng Yang Tey, Yuma Uchino, and Lexie Wang.  

Congratulations to Audrey Tan who participated in the Malay Language KS3 First Language Category on Sustainable Cities and Communities topic. Audrey Tan won silver due to her incredible linguistic skills. She has our utmost admiration. In the future, I hope that this success will spur additional interest.


Outreach Frugal Lunch by Mrs Selvaraj – Head of Prep Outreach

Prep Outreach is organising our ‘Frugal Lunch’ for Monday 12th June. Children from Year Four throughout the Senior School will take part. We will have a plain and simple lunch, which will cost less than our usual lunch. By eating a more simple meal, we also think about people who cannot eat expensive foods all the time, and it helps us to understand and empathise with them, appreciating our lucky position. As a school, we will save enough money to provide food for 50–100 families for a whole month. Thank you, everyone, for your great support and participation.


Prep Outreach Spring Drink Sale Fundraiser  by Mrs Selvaraj – Head of Prep Outreach

Prep Outreach will be hosting a ‘Drink Sale’ on Thursday, 15th June. It will be hosted in the Prep School Art Cafe and Pre-Prep reception at lunchtime and sell varieties of carton fruit juices. Each drink will cost RM3. All money raised from drink sales and throughout the year goes into the Outreach account; at the end of the summer term, the Charities Committee meets to determine the specific allocations to be given. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude in advance for your tremendous support for this and all our other events this year. Your support is making a significant difference to lives beyond the College.


Message from Mrs Cassidy and The Pre-Prep Team

How wonderful to finally be allowed to let the pupils play outside this week. I think we have enjoyed the opportunity to return to our outdoor play areas, sports and Forest School and the pupils have certainly been happy to have more space and variety again.


Year 1 celebrated their final Forest School session of the year, cooking marshmallows over a fire. Luckily, the rain held off until the end and they were able to make full use of their time. It was gorgeous to see so many smiling faces returning; soggy but happy.


Year 2 were also all smiles when they returned from the trip to Fanpekka on Wednesday.


2NB wowed us today with a massive array of plastic fashion designs, which they have created as part of their project on Plastic Pollution. Yet another educational and exciting assembly presentation by one of our classes and a massive thank you to all the hard work of pupils and staff alike.


Don’t forget our Learning Showcase next Thursday, when you are invited to come into school and share your children’s learning with them. They so love this opportunity to show you what they have been doing in lessons, and we hope that you can all make it.


“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”

Michael Altshuler


Savour every moment of this last fortnight. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Prep at various events, and for those disappointed at not being able to enjoy a Sports Day this term, we will be holding these events at the beginning of next term.

Kind regards,


Rachel Eaton-Jones 

Head of Prep School





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