Model United Nations 2023

On the 13th May, 30 pupils from the Senior School took part in an internal Model United Nations conference. The Model United Nations is a student-led simulation of work at the ‘real’ United Nations in which pupils research and debate contemporary political issues. Pupils represented countries from around the world in discussions ranging from nuclear disarmament to gender equality.

Participants were asked to research the policies of states as diverse as China, Somalia, South Africa, Japan and Germany, giving pupils the chance to examine current political issues from new perspectives that often challenge their own ideas or preconceptions. It was hugely gratifying to hear the delegates arguing eloquently and passionately for their opinions, developing critical skills not only in public speaking, but in listening and responding to the viewpoints of others, as well as working collaboratively to develop partnerships and alliances.

Most importantly, it was an event filled with positivity, good humour and one which produced thoughtful, intelligent proposals to solve some of the world’s 21st century problems. We are especially grateful to our student chairs who managed the debates – Elisa, Linda, Bryan & Zeynep – and look forward to next year when MCM will participate in MUN conferences with other schools in Singapore and Thailand.

Written by Mr Jarett, Head of History and Politics

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