Lectern Club – ‘Fate loves the Fearless’

On Monday, May 15th 2023, Master Stevens and Mrs Stevens opened the doors of the Lodge to the aspiring orators of the Sixth Form once again for the final Lectern Club of the academic year. The theme for the evening was, ‘Fate loves the Fearless’.

Following a delectable starter, Prue (Butler House) commenced the short speeches with her insightful take on the significant growth and remarkable opportunities that await those who are willing to confront their fears in face of challenges. Moreover, embraced by those bold enough to take the leap beyond the confines of their comfort zone, and venture into uncharted territory, her speech, titled ‘Fearless leads me to you’ was delivered with great confidence, infectious energy and enthusiasm.

Next for the short speeches was Brandon (Atlas House), who took everyone’s breath away with his passion for his topic of “God loves the fearless”. He emphasised the idea that individuals who live fearlessly and defy fate with courage and determination are the ones who receive God’s affection. Brandon shared a touching anecdote about his father, with the message that we should all embrace fearlessness and live a life that is not easily given up, as failures can only be opportunities for growth and God will give recognition to those with resilience.

Ivy (Butler House) wrapped up the short speeches with her presentation, entitled “Fear less” (a play on words with the title “Fate loves the Fearless”), with her captivating view that no one should let fate define their lives, rather we should explore our various potentials and achieve 101% of ourselves. She eloquently conveyed that becoming fearless is a long journey that requires patience and perseverance. The speech inspired us to reassess our approach to life whereby fate and fear are interconnected; fate teaches you to be fearless and eventually leads to the possibility of surpassing your destiny.

This concluded the short speeches and instigated the main course – a filet mignon which was certainly appreciated by all of the attendees. It was then time for the long speeches.

Olivia (Gaia House), with her title ‘Unexpected Ally’, challenged the prevailing notion that fear is a negative and undesirable emotion. She drew from personal experiences and wise advice from her father to argue that fear is an innate human emotion which serves as a valuable tool for self-preservation and personal growth. She strongly emphasised the importance of recognising and embracing fear, harnessing its power, rather than demonising it, as it plays a crucial role in shaping humanity’s evolution and progress. Olivia’s presentation was compelling and thought-provoking.

Following on was Chiara (Gaia House) with her speech, ‘Carpe Diem’. She effectively utilised a poem to convey the notion that when we conceal ourselves, we deny others the opportunity to know the real us, and in turn, we miss out on meaningful relationships and living life to the fullest. Chiara encouraged the audience to break free from fear, self-imposed limitations and instead embrace our true identities. This resonated deeply with the audience, as we all yearn for genuine connections and the desire to be understood and accepted for who we truly are.

Elisa (Gaia House) drew the night of speeches to a close with her introspective story that took the audience on a personal journey. Her speech challenged the conventional notions of fearlessness and the prompt, her speech – “Fate loves the fearful” – asserted that it is in the moments of doing things when you are fearful that will unlock true growth and the largest reward. We witnessed firsthand the transformative power of embracing fear through the seamlessly weaved extended metaphor of a robot, and Elisa’s powerful imagery and literary devices struck a chord with the audience.

The night culminated with a delightful dessert of a mille feuille and a pleasant conversation between the guests. After much deliberation between the judges, the winners of the Lectern Club were decided as Prue and Ivy as joint winners of the short speech, and Elisa as the winner of the long speech.

We offer our heartiest congratulations to all of the speakers.

The evening was a true testament to the dedication and perseverance exhibited by all the speakers. With eloquence, enthusiasm, and originality, the speeches captivated the audience. Each speaker had a unique story to tell, a lesson to impart, and a message to inspire us all and we believe it is very admirable how they all embraced this opportunity as a valuable learning experience.

Mr and Mrs Stevens played a significant role in curating the enriching experience that is the success of the Lectern Club. It can certainly be said that the Master’s last Lectern Club at Marlborough College Malaysia was a memorable one. Looking ahead, it is our fervent hope that Lectern Club is a tradition which will continue after the Master’s time at the College draws to an end.

Written by Emily and Meredith, L6 (Guest Judges)

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