CAS Hollywood Social Shell & Remove 2023

On Friday 12th May, as part of the IB programme, our CAS group consisting of Jasiel, Jenay, Mizuki and Olivia decided to organise a Hollywood social event for our CAS Project.

The prime purpose of the project was to take action for one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, raising awareness about poverty in communities and raising funds to support Oxfam Asia’s work.

The event also provided a platform for pupils in Remove and Shell to reinforce their relationships with their peers across year groups. It was lovely to see pupils walking down the red carpet donned in their best dress and camera-ready. During the course of the night, students took part in various dance off competitions, belted out to their favourite tunes all while enjoying delectable pizza slices and drinks. The electric atmosphere allowed the pupils to let their hair down after a long school term. Needless to say, they forged new connections and fostered a stronger sense of community that Friday night.

The event was not just about having a good time but it also had a philanthropic purpose. We raised over RM1000 from the event and kind donations. The money we have raised will be put towards poverty eradication in the local Malaysian community through the organisation, Oxfam Asia.

Overall, we hope that our CAS project was a testimony to how creating a positive impact within our local community can be an exciting experience.

We would like to thank the MCM community for attending the wonderful event and for the donations we received. Lastly, we are entirely grateful for all the help and support received from Mr Avle and Ms Lowles whilst planning the event.

Written by Jasiel, Olivia, Mizuki and Jenay

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