Boarders’ Barbeque Summer Term

Throughout the Summer Term, pupils within our boarding community were invited to the Master’s Lodge for a final farewell barbecue. Marking the last set of invitations to the Lodge under current Master Stevens, pupils joined himself and Mrs Stevens for a series of wonderful evenings.

Artemis and Gaia pupils arrived in late May, greeted by the wonderful smell of burgers on the grill. Pupils spent the sunny evening talking with their house staff, the Master and Mrs Stevens about the excellent year gone by, and the excitement for the next one yet to come, all whilst enjoying delicious food with fantastic company.

Atlas and Apollo then joined the Master and Mrs Stevens in early June, just after their half term holidays. Stories were exchanged about travels all over the world, and plans for the future. The sun shone down on the garden as pupils talked the evening away with each other, the Master and Mrs Stevens and other staff in attendance.

Finally, the younger members of Apollo and Artemis enjoyed their evening only two weeks before the end of term. With an uplifted spirit, excitement for the summer and relief that exams had passed, this barbecue was enjoyed by all.

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