Year 4 Viking Day

On Tuesday 2nd May the Vikings came to Marlborough College Malaysia. Year 4 had a wonderful day learning all about Viking life, from their food and drink to their villages and jobs. The purpose of days such as this is to educate pupils in a different setting about historical events by truly getting into the Viking spirit.

The day began with a lesson about Viking funerals, namely the burning of a boat out at sea. This proceeded to making shoe-box sized funeral boats, equipped with sails, cardboard people and possessions for the afterlife. Toward the end of the day, pupils then took these home-made boats to our lake, for a short example of how a funeral would work. As the burning boats set out on the water, pupils learned about a Viking afterlife.

Throughout the day, pupils learned about different aspects of Viking life, including how to make ‘mead’. This traditional drink has been adapted for pupils to taste the sweet lemon and honey flavour. Ready with their ingredients, pupils made their ‘mead’ from scratch, cooking up batches to be served to the rest of the year group.

After a construction class in catapult making, and a historical frenzy at the Viking museum, it was time for pupils to go home, full of exciting facts and stories to tell their families.

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