Year 3 Bee Musical

In celebration of International Bee Day, Year 3 have put together a spectacular performance of the Bee Musical. The play tells a story of bees, living their lives in the hive, and shows the audience just how important their work is to the human world.

This heartfelt performance tells the story of poor Grumble Bee, the only bee in the hive who wants to do something other than collect nectar. Grumble Bee tries as hard as she can to find something else to do, but gets stuck when all of a sudden the pollen and nectar runs out, and the bees cannot make any more honey. It is then that Grumble Bee learns how important it is to be a bee, and how much pollination affects what is on the supermarket shelves and beyond.

Whilst learning their lines for the play, Year 3 also learnt about why bees are so important to the ecosystem, and that saving the bees is a very important cause. This included finding out more about our stingless bees at Barton Farm, and the honey they produce after pollinating the range of fruits, vegetables and flowers that grow only metres away from the Pre Prep School. Well done to all of the Year 3 pupils that took part in this informative and fantastic performance.

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