Top Awards for IGCSE Pupils

Recently 17 of Marlborough College Malaysia’s IGCSE candidates received Certificates of Excellence from the Pearson examination board. They join five of our pupils who received Pearson Outstanding Learner Awards for achieving the highest mark in the world or in Malaysia.

In order to achieve a prestigious Pearson Certificate of Excellence, pupils had to achieve at least 5 Edexcel GCSE grades at Level 7 (equivalent to an A) or higher. Therefore, it rewards those who achieve top marks across a breadth of subjects, as opposed to just one. Breadth as well as depth of excellence is a hallmark of the MCM experience and embedded in our Learner Profile.

Congratulations to Elisa, Razali, Clara, Ivy, Meredith, Renee, Keith, Sara, Maxim, Oliver, Emily, Bryan, Josh, Jasmine, Dasha, Zeynep and Alex for their outstanding IGCSE results.

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