Spotlight on: Why IB is the best option for our Sixth Form

As the exam season is now in full swing, many parents may be starting to look forward to what will come next in their child’s academic journey at Marlborough College Malaysia. At MCM, we embrace the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in Years 12 and 13, the market-leading, internationally recognised qualification that opens doors to an excellent university education and provides life skills that are simply not part of other qualifications at this level. The strengths of IB are endless. The IB provides a holistic approach to learning, a personalised education to best suit pupils’ interests, ambitions and strengths. In addition to this, the IB offers an insight into university-style study and it also develops pupils’ academic, social and emotional characteristics, enabling them to enter leading universities and preparing them for a life beyond education.


The IB Diploma is the entrance qualification for university used at MCM and many other international schools globally. It provides pupils with the opportunity to pursue multiple avenues of education, selecting a subject from Languages, Humanities, Sciences, Mathematics and the Arts. In addition to pupils’ six chosen subjects, they will study Theory of Knowledge, which improves their information literacy, a vital skill in the modern world, and undertake the Extended Essay, which encourages them to investigate a problem of their own devising. An excellent guide to the IB Diploma has been prepared by the Head of Senior School, Mr. Glynn, to help pupils to better understand why the Diploma is the right choice for them.


The advantages to an IB education are limitless, and pursuing this at MCM gives our Hundred pupils the best opportunity to prepare themselves for university and beyond. Good luck to our Hundred pupils now completing their IGCSE examinations.; Remember that there is a helpful ‘Guide to Effective Studying’ on the College Website to help with revision and allow you to achieve the best results possible. 


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