Spotlight on: The importance of the House system at MCM

A Marlborough College Malaysia education is many things; it is holistic, collaborative and the very definition of exemplary teaching. However, we do not only focus on teaching academic subjects, but also recognise the overwhelming importance of wellbeing, belonging and community. The House system is at the core of our philosophy at MCM, as every child is placed into a Prep or Senior House throughout the duration of their education. 


Houses form the foundation of excellent pastoral care for our pupils. As each pupil is placed into a house in the Senior School, they are also assigned a tutor as their primary point of contact for concerns, and to be a guiding hand as they move through the College. Tutors also act as a sounding board for opinions, as a mediator and confidant as they interpret and reinforce the values of the College. They are there to make pupils feel comfortable, guide their way and help mould brilliant minds. 


Houses do not only provide excellent academic and pastoral care, but they provide a community, a team, a family in which our pupils will flourish. It is in their houses that they compete in a series of House Competitions, including in sports, music, debate and art. The boarding houses make up a particularly close-knit element of the MCM community, as they live on-site, taking part in co-curricular activities including before breakfast, after supper and at weekends, walks around the Marlborough Mile, and enjoying dinner and breakfast together every day. 


In the Prep School, pupils are placed into one of four houses, creating a much larger community in each house. Competing in sporting, artistic and other various competitions as a house, the spirit in the Prep School is most plainly evident during events such as the House Shout, House Spirit Day and the Pancake Race where a cacophony of cheers erupting from the Wykeham Hall can be heard at the other side of our vast site. The community spirit amongst all of our houses is truly at the heart of the College, and continuously aims to help pupils become well-rounded young adults.


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