Senior School | Summer Term 2023 | Week 5

Dear Parents,  


Last Friday saw the annual Leavers’ Ball take place in the Wykeham Hall.  This marks the end of the IB examinations for the Upper Sixth.  The pupils and their parents had a lovely meal and we were treated to performances from Bollywood dancers, the Upper Sixth band and BPM.  The Upper Sixth have been a wonderful set of role models for the younger pupils and we look forward to welcoming them back to celebrate their achievements at  Prize Day.


As one year leaves, another steps up, and this changing of the guard was evident as the new group of Sixth Form leaders enjoyed supper at the lodge on Thursday evening.  This was a chance for the new Heads of House and Prefects to get together and start building their team for the year ahead.


A reminder that more detail and pictures of what is happening can be found on the news page of the website.


This has been a big week of exams for the Shell and Remove, and also a busy week for the IGCSEs.  A reminder to parents of Lower Sixth that the examinations for this year group will take place after the half term break.  Please can you help them by finding them a quiet space to revise and encouraging them to take regular breaks..


Yours sincerely,

David Glynn

Head of Senior School


Available for all, IGCSE and IB
LunchWeek A/BIB Global Politics U6 (SA14) 1.15pm

Maths (LRC) 1.20pm

Maths (BE18) 12.55pm

Biology (ME5) 1.15pm

Chemistry (ME8) 1.20pm

Maths (BE22) 1.20pm

Biology (ME2) 1.15pm

History (SA11) HU 1.15pm

Maths (BE21) 12.55pm

Physics (ME3) 1.00pm

Physics (ME7 – 1:1) 1.20pm

RS 1.10-1.45pm

After SchoolWeek A/BArt & Photography

Maths (Marlburian)

Geography (SA10)Maths (BE11)Chemistry (Marlburian)


Contact Information

PA to Head of Senior School and Deputy Head Pastoral: Mrs. Baranyay 

EA to Master: Ms. Ong 


Boarding House HM

Apollo: Mr. Brown 

Atlas: Mr. Baker 

Artemis: Mrs. Tapp

Gaia: Mrs. Jarrett 


Day House HM

Butler: Mrs. Chandran 

Sheppard: Mr. Travers 

Thompson: Mr. Clarke 

Wallace: Mrs. Baker 


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