Prep School | Summer Term 2023 | Week 5

Dear Parents,

“Be the energy you want to attract” 

I like this thought, but really want to write ‘bee the energy you want to attract’ having been put in an incredibly positive frame of mind after watching the Year Three performance of The Bee Musical – what a joy. Having just returned from their Singapore Zoo adventure, Year Three stepped up the energy again to make us all smile. The children in Choir who attended the ‘KL Big Sing’ did the same thing for me at the weekend – this really is a wonderful job. It was good this week to share some of the MCM magic with the delegates joining the COBIS Wellbeing in Schools Conference. It was lovely to pause with them, look around and take pride in an atmosphere in which children are flourishing. Many of you will have heard me say, there is no room for complacency here, but a sense of pride is a good.


Message from Mrs Cassidy and The Pre-Prep Team

In Pre-prep, we are used to needing to prepare for the unexpected and find learning opportunities in unexpected situations. This week provided a great example of this, when Nursery discovered a fruit bat hiding amongst their construction toys. Mrs Poignee initiated a ‘bat rescue’ and invited pupils to visit the classroom throughout the day to see this amazing creature. The bat chose well, with our chief school naturalist making sure that it was kept safe and sound and then prepared for a safe release after dark. I suspect bats will be a hot topic of conversation for days to come!


From bats to bees, and what a week for Year 3. The Bee Musical had us all buzzing with excitement and the pupils really made their Beaks, Teaching Partners and parents so proud. The performance provided us with a well-timed reminder about our fragile environment and the crucial impact of the humble bee. Delivered brilliantly by Year 3; enhanced by bright costumes, a spectacular stage set, groovy dance moves and some impressive musical accompaniment – this really was entertainment at its best. Thank you to all the Year 3 team, musicians and technical support for their commitment and for bringing us joy.


Have a wonderful half term break and we look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 6th of June, when we commence the last few weeks of the school year.


“You can choose to be either bitter or better”

So, holding my destiny firmly in my own hands, I am off to enjoy a half term with friends and family. I hope yours includes joy and laughter and memory making. Until we meet again – have a wonderful half term. And please don’t forget we don’t come back until Tuesday 6th June.

Kind regards,


Rachel Eaton-Jones 

Head of Prep School


The gentle reminders section, further details can be found here on the College website:

  • Monday 5th June, The Agong’s Birthday Public Holiday – College closed
  • Tuesday 6th June, Return to College



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