MCM pupils receive offers from world-leading universities

Pupils from Marlborough College Malaysia have received a flurry of offers from world-leading universities, with many more yet to come. With several pupils receiving multiple offers from exceedingly competitive, research-based British Russell Group and American Ivy League universities, and not all offers in yet, this is truly an exceptional year of university applications.


The offer season continues far into the Summer Term, however many pupils have already received their offers from excellent universities. So far, there have been 66 offers from 21 universities in the global top 100. Hundreds more have been given to our Upper Sixth cohort who are currently sitting their IB exams.


The exceptional standard of university offers for MCM applicants is further exemplified by many pupils receiving multiple offers from prestigious Russell Group and Ivy League universities. Most notably, Sue in Upper Sixth has received 11 offers from world-leading universities including Imperial, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, University of California, University of Chicago, University of California LA, Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, University College London, King’s College London and University of Manchester.


Wafie, a Senior Prefect, has secured similar success for all five of her UK Russell Group applications, with offers from London School of Economics, University of Edinburgh, King’s College London and the University of Manchester to study Politics and Economics as well as being accepted to the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania. Receiving more than one or two offers from world class universities is an incredible feat, so receiving 5 or even 11 is beyond exceptional.


Over 130 applications have been accepted from our Upper Sixth cohort, with many more offers yet to be made. Of the 35 UK applicants who have received all or some of their offers, 25 have received one or more from Russell Group universities, with a further four applicants applying to specialised universities for courses in Motorsport Engineering, Computer Animation and Interior Design and Design Management, the latter of whom has been accepted into the University of the Arts London, second in the world for Art and Design.


As offers continue to come in from universities across the globe, applicants to the United States, Canada, UK and the Netherlands amongst others continue to wait for their results, though many have secured one or more offers already. Pupils’ applications to prestigious American universities, most notably the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia and the University of Chicago have been accepted, many with scholarships awarded. In Canada, 100% of the applicants who have received replies on their applications have been successful, with five of our pupils applying to top Canadian universities.


Congratulations to all of our MCM Upper Sixth cohort on their offers, and we look forward to finding out what new offers come in over the next few weeks.

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