Marlborough’s Got Talent

On 9th May Marlborough College Malaysia’s Prep School hosted Marlborough’s Got Talent. This event sees pupils from throughout the Prep School audition for a spot in the coveted final. With acts from every discipline including music, dancing and art, it is a very competitive event, but one the pupils continue to enjoy.

This year featured 10 performances with acts ranging from diablo to contemporary dance. The judging panel for this year consisted of Mrs Eaton Jones, Miss Favre, Mrs Matthews and a pupil representative. The event began with a hula hoop performance by Mei and Haram followed by Arthur’s music performance. As Millie took to the stage with her contemporary dance routine, the audience began clapping, feeling the beat just as much as Millie.

Narumi on the diablo, Taisa, Isobel and Violet’s dance and Niran, Phoebe, John and Syuen with a beautiful singing and piano duet followed, all wonderfully talented pupils displaying a variety of skills. Coley and Aurelie then performed a very well choreographed gymnastics routine followed by Torin on the drums. The final two performances displayed a great amount of musical talent with Miranda, Yoona and Angelina harmonised in a wonderful vocal set, followed by a brilliant performance of a flute, piano and violin medley.

As the judges began the lengthy, but enjoyable, process of deciding a winner, the Prep Beaks put on a short comedic performance that had the audience on tenterhooks, and in stitches because of its hilarity.

This year’s competition was full of talent and wonder, and was enjoyed by all of the Prep School. After much deliberation, the judges decided that the winner of Marlborough’s Got Talent 2023 was Taisa, Isobel and Violet with their modern dance performance. Congratulations to all those who auditioned or performed.

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