KEPOW Drama Workshops

Over the last week of the Lent Term, pupils in the Senior School workshopped a series of drama performances with KEPOW Director Kevin Tomlinson. KEPOW Theatre specialises in visual, dynamic theatre, taking pupils out of the ordinary classroom and allowing them to dive into the world of improvisation, comedy and mask work.

Pupils in Years 7 to 10 and Sixth Form worked with Kevin Tomlinson on a series of drama techniques, learning how to use the unique Trestle Theatre masks that have unique and often comic expressions.

The week ended with a bang as pupils joined Kevin for a final performance at our Spring Festival. With a full theatre, pupils performed a series of comedic improvised routines with skills they had gained over the week. Pupils were given scenarios and asked to narrate stories, responding to still images the group created. It was extremely comic and spontaneous; it was a courageous and playful experience for both performer and watcher. Kevin then performed his own role play as an elderly man that had a poignancy and vulnerable quality; it was captivating to see him utilise and highlight some of the moments the pupils had created during their own performances.

Pupils thoroughly enjoyed the workshops throughout the week, and will use the new skills and techniques learnt from Kevin in their performances for the future.

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