Hari Raya Celebratory Assemblies

Over the first three weeks of the Summer Term, pupils from throughout the College have been preparing to celebrate Hari Raya. This year pupils performed a series of traditional dances, songs and made creative Hari Raya videos to celebrate this occasion.

The Prep School saw performances from all year groups, which featured traditional dancing, groups singing and a compilation video of Beaks wishing all a happy Hari Raya. One of the most interesting parts of this celebratory assembly was Year 7s online cooking class, teaching pupils how to make a Malaysian cake, certainly a tip many of the pupils took home to their parents.

The Senior School held a similarly celebratory assembly a week after the Prep which saw brilliant video skills from our Sixth Form and Shell, presenting videos on traditional Malaysian food taste testing, and re-enacting a music video from Hari Raya songs. An MCM band of Year 12 pupils also played a famous Hari Raya song which was enjoyed by the audience.

These assemblies were a wonderful way to celebrate Hari Raya, a brilliant community event for all to enjoy.

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