Art to Artefact Exhibition

On Monday 3rd April the Prep Art classes were given the opportunity to display their work in our ‘Art to Artefact’ exhibition. This celebration of cross-curricular learning saw pupils take knowledge they had gained in History classes and apply it to their artwork.

During History lessons pupils studied ancient civilizations and the artefacts that had been unearthed, dating back hundreds of years. These artefacts had a rich and deep historical significance, something with pupils reinterpreted when creating their art. Bringing the ideas of history, discovery and creativity into the Art classroom, pupils began creating their own art inspired by these historical discoveries they had further researched.

Each year group was given a different medium to explore, developing their ideas into a final artwork. From pottery to paint, each child explored their artefact in a different way. These pieces were then displayed in an art exhibition towards the end of Lent Term to an audience of parents, pupils and staff. Head of Prep Art, Ms. Turner says,

“Cross curricular learning allows for a deeper understanding of newly acquired knowledge and the Artefact to Art was a celebration of this. It was wonderful to see the pupils’ work and efforts displayed and seen by a larger audience.”

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