Year 2 ‘You Are Special’ Performance

On 29th of March Year 2 pupils undertook a huge challenge by performing in their very own play. Called ‘You Are Special’, the play is set in the magical land of Wemmingsville where each character has been carefully carved by master woodcarver ‘Eli’. It centres around the character of Punchinello who, after navigating the world, begins to understand just how special he is. 

Every day the small wooden people called Wemmicks do the same thing: stick either gold stars or grey dots on one another. The pretty ones—those with smooth wood and fine paint—always get stars. The talented ones do, too. Others, though, who can do little or who have chipped paint, get ugly grey dots. Like Punchinello.

In this heartwarming children’s tale, Eli the woodcarver helps Punchinello understand how special he is, no matter what other Wemmicks may think. The heart warming point that ‘You Are Special’ no matter what anyone else may think is a beautiful message for our Pre Prep pupils to play out. The wonderful performers were greeted with eager applause from the audience of Pre Prep, parents and staff for their excellent efforts. Congratulations to our brilliant Year 2 pupils and staff for producing such an excellent play.

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