Senior House Cross Country

Throughout this Lent Term, pupils from the Senior School have been competing in a Cross Country course around our vast pitches to win points for their houses. With points determined by which position each competitor came, there were a range of winners across the year groups ready to bring their house to glory.

Each year group competed on a slightly different course, with the Sixth Form running further than Shell pupils all under the glorious sun and in the heat of Malaysia proving very tricky for some. However, all pupils successfully completed their run, and after many weeks of waiting, the results are in.

In first place for the boys Senior House Cross Country is Boys Boarding with 246 points, leading the competition by almost 100 points as Sheppard came in second and Thompson in third. In the girls category, the Girls Boarding saw similar success gaining gold medal position, followed by Butler and finally Wallace.

Scores are standardised for first, second and third, therefore first place wins 20 points, second, 16 and third, 12 points for their house totals. Congratulations to all who took part in this Lent Term competition.

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