MCM Triathlon 2023

On Sunday 26th of March, Marlborough College Malaysia hosted its Triathlon in partnership with Neptunex113. This event saw hundreds of competitors from eight different age groups compete in a race of running, swimming and cycling to victory in both individual and relay events. 


The day began early so our youngest competitors in the Under 6s and 7-8s could compete in the cool morning sun. Both groups completed a 25m swim, and then went on to do a short ride and final run around Court to complete their course. From the 7-8 year groups, there was the option of relay teams whereby each individual could compete in a single element, and then pass the baton onto their fellow teammate to complete the next section. Teams were therefore made of three people and all saw great success. 


From the 9-10s category all the way to Over 19s, the distance of each leg went up exponentially, until the oldest category competed in a 300m swim, 11 km bike ride and 3km run. Winners were announced in the individual category by gender and age group, and in the relay by age group. 


As the Triathlon progressed, winners were announced, medals and trophies were awarded and the loud cheers of the audience gathered around the finish line to cheer the final competitors through their race. Overall this was a truly excellent day of community spirit, healthy competition and a whole lot of fun. 


Age GroupIndividual Relay
Boys Girls
U6s ArloXuan n/a
7-8Adam Zhi The Three Amigos
9-10Jonathan Coley Rapid Strike
11-12Jun Tigerlily The Three GOATS
13-14JaydenGabrielle The Whippets
15-16Max Michelle JRK
17-18Razali Anastasia Les Retardataries
19 & AboveStuart Jen Weerstand


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