House Harmony

After a three year sabbatical, the House Harmony returns to Marlborough College Malaysia. This spectacular House event features boarding and day houses competing in a completely acapella singing performance for the Senior School. This competition is one of complete house spirit, and tremendous amounts of musical talent, culminating in an excellent performance of musical exceptionalism.

The afternoon began with Thompson House performing Mr Postman by the Marvelettes, a brilliant arrangement with wonderful harmonies, this was followed by Wallace Houses ‘Stop In The Name Of Love’. After the first two performances, the buzzing atmosphere continued to intensify as all the Senior School pupils were rooting for their house. Sheppard House performed a great rendition of ‘My Girl’ by the Temptations with Butler’s ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ coming next. As the day houses completed their performances, the audience eagerly waited to see what the boarding houses had up their sleeves.

Artemis and Gaia performed an excellent arrangement of ‘Little Bitty Pretty One’ by the Jackson Five followed by Apollo and Atlas with a beautifully harmonic rendition of ‘I Want You Back’ by the same artist. After the final performance, great cheers could be heard from the audience, congratulating all the wonderful performers.

After much deliberation, our guest judge Mr Chi Hoe Mak, a highly regarded conductor in Malaysia and beyond, announced the winner. The winner of House Harmony 2023 was Artemis and Gaia with ‘Little Bitty Pretty One’, praised for their harmonies, arrangement and brilliant time keeping.

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