10th Anniversary Spring Festival 2023

In celebration of our 10th Anniversary, Marlborough College Malaysia held a wonderful Spring Festival on the 1st April 2023. Featuring work from the creative Arts including Drama, Art, sculpture, music and dance, the Festival was truly a wonder to beyond. 


Spread over multiple buildings and green areas, the day began with a short drumming performance from Mr Chitambo’s Prep drummers, followed by Aladdin highlights in the Theatre. Parents, pupils, staff and many others in the MCM community piled into the Theatre to see the acclaimed Aladdin Performance by our Year 5 and 6 pupils. 


As the day progressed, choir performances could be heard on the Popular Stage, Prep piano solos drew in the crowds on the Spotlight Stage, and the Classical Stage saw a myriad of performers including the Senior String Quartet and Jazz Quintet. The Classical performers accompanied the live painting that was ongoing in Morris, a beautiful spectacle. 


To accompany the plentiful music, not only was there live painting, but an expansive IB Visual Arts Exhibition featuring work from our Senior School pupils. From paintings to laser printing, cutlery jewellery to dresses, the exhibition showcased the breadth and depth of Art provided at MCM in a fun and interactive way. 


As the sun set, the atmosphere began to buzz as many entered the Theatre once again to witness Kevin Tomlinson’s KPOW Workshops that our Senior pupils had been taking part in the previous week. A beautiful mix of improvisation and audience participation led to a hilarious performance by Mr. Tomlinson and the pupils. Crowds left the Theatre with comedy still fresh in their minds. The evening ended with some wonderful musical performances from the Jazz and Pit Band, and other pupil-led bands before fireworks were set off to truly mark the occasion. 

This wonderful Festival brought in over 600 guests, all eager to see the range of Creative Arts that MCM offers. From K-Pop to Classical Ensembles, Aladdin to improvised performances, this Festival truly displayed the range of Creative Arts our pupils take part in, and love.


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