Touch Rugby Straits LT2023

On Saturday 18th March Marlborough College Malaysia hosted its Touch Rugby Straits tournament 2023. This event saw schools from across Malaysia and Singapore gather on our vast pitches for a morning of friendly competition throughout the year groups.

The morning began with blazing sun, beating down on the pitches, creating a sweltering environment for all players, however they faced the heat head-on as they dove into their first games. Pupils played in five different age groups, competing against those of a similar age. As the day progressed, teams began to drop out, and others rose to victory.

Just as the weather turned dark, the scores were announced. For the U10s, SCC Rugby Academy pipped SKI Sungai Bunyi to the post in the last of the games to be played on the day. For the U12 division, SK Kota Masai reigned victorious joining SCC Rugby Academy on the podium. Our U14s played excellently, with some last minute tries winning MCM gold medal position closely followed by TRC. Finally in both the U16 and U18s TRC topped the leaderboard.


Thank you to Devon F. Remove for providing the #pupilview moments of the tournament

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