Spotlight on: Science Week

This week is all about Science as we delve deeper into the importance and fun of the subject. A staple in the Prep School Science Department annually is our Science Week: five days when pupils from different year groups can learn more about Science in a more practical, experimental way. This year the theme for Science Week is ‘Star Wars,’ looking into futuristic, technological science, learning about space and the universe but, most importantly, applying science to real-world situations. 


Pioneered by Mr Lyon, this week features various activities open to all our pupils, a Star Wars ‘zoo’ being perhaps the most outrageous, as life-sized animals made out of household materials decorate our Wykeham Hall stage. In addition to this, a museum in the library displaying technology from throughout history and even Jedi-training also featured this week. 


However, there are also many informative aspects of the week including learning the physics of space, stars and planetary movement, understanding the forces needed to get the Death Star off the ground and finding out the most effective way to create a futuristic ‘pod’ are all activities that Prep pupils took part in.


Science Week is an important part of the Science curriculum as it shows science in a different light, giving pupils the opportunity to explore the world around them through hands-on activities and experiments, which then fosters their curiosity, creativity and critical thinking skills. What better way to achieve this than by seeing Science through the futuristic lens of ‘Star Wars’.


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